Kevin Hobbs
St. Catharines, Ontario

Kevin has worked as an educator in the post-secondary field for nearly twenty years. His expertise is in experiential learning, curriculum development in healthcare studies, scenario development for simulation, and group facilitation. He initiated and supervised the Standardized Patient Program at McMaster University's Niagara Regional Campus, and worked in Program Development at University of Toronto. 

He has presented workshops at international medical conferences and has frequently lectured on communication within a Patient/Client/Person-Centred context. He has collaborated in numerous educational initiatives over the years. In 2010 he shared the Alan Blizzard Award for Exemplary Collaborative Projects that Improve Student Learning for work that improved the medical literacy of foreign-trained doctors.

His company is Best Practice, an educational service provider that focuses on effective communication and decision-making through the use of narrative.


Why did you choose the CNP's certificate program?

I chose CNP because of the expertise and professional diversity of the faculty. The combined experience of the teachers is comparable to any other course I considered taking.

What has been your experience with low-residency education, e.g. August residency week, online sessions?

The sessions, both onsite and online, have been inspiring. After each session I find myself going deeper into the readings and the subject matter, continuing to study independently.

What has the highlight of the program been for you so far?

The highlight for me is the collaboration within the student cohort. Every discussion, every exercise is rich with unique perspectives and community support.

How do you envision you will apply this intensive training in narrative in your life, professionally and/or personally?

Professionally I am taking this education and applying it to my new business. Personally, I have discovered unexpected and exciting interests that I will continue to explore well beyond this course.

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